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Pocky with Levi (Attack on Titan)
(A/N: Its here!! The pocky game i've been getting mad requests for it here!! Thank you everyone who has favourited the Pocky games so far, sorry if I don't reply to them all but I get to a point when  trying to say thanks for them all soooo THANK YOU <3)
“Well that’s another gone.” You sighed to yourself wishing for this game to be over, you weren't interested in any of the guys here and you knew what would happen if Erwin or worse Levi caught you all here...
“(Name)~” Hanji sung your name as she came over swinging the bag towards you but you hit it away quickly.
“No way nut job.” You sighed as she pouted at you leaning close to your face with that mad-scientist grin you had learned to avoid if possible.
“Is that because he isn’t here...” Hanji began as you narrowed your eyes at her, quickly pulling off her glasses as you stood up to walk away swinging them on your finger. Hanji quic
:iconlifeofmyimagination:LifeOfMyImagination 841 72
Seven Minutes in Heaven - AU!Levi x Reader
You heard some arguing going on in the main room – clearly whoever you were paired with was getting cold feet. But nonetheless you made yourself as small as you could before they arrived. You weren’t sure if you were doing it out of embarrassment or anxiousness – either way it did make you feel a little better.
The sudden bright light flooded the room too fast for your eyes to adjust to, and before you could properly see who had just entered everything had gone dark again.
The person that entered the closet didn’t say anything, but rather just grunted trying to get himself comfortable.
“God damn you’re living in a fucking palace and you can’t afford a bigger broom closet?”
Your heart started to race at the sound of his voice, but nevertheless you kept your cool and simply answered, “Why would you need a big broom closet? The cleaners usually have their own.”
He didn’t respond for a moment, which made you slightly n
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 874 221
Sebastian x Male!Cat-Demon!Reader Part Five
Disclaimer: I like making weird things that are eccentric that say that I don’t own said thing that I am basing my story off of but I’m kind of really tired of doing it all the time so I just typed this up to show you that I’m tired of it. But I’m still going to do it anyway. I don’t own Black Butler. I could’ve just written those five words but that seems pretty boring and unoriginal.
Narrator P.O.V
Once (Male Name) came upon the Phantomhive manor he used the door knocker twice, announcing his presence with three resounding sounds. To his utter despair, the head Phantomhive butler answered the door and immediately started to coo and try to caress his feline appendages.
“As much as I would love for you to invade my privacy and sexually harass me I must speak to your master at once. It seems we share a common enemy currently.” Although disappointed, Sebastian led the fellow demon to his master’s office, where the young earl was drink
:icondraconismalfoy702:DraconisMalfoy702 27 4
Take me to the sky by SpreadYourWingsCover Take me to the sky :iconspreadyourwingscover:SpreadYourWingsCover 6 2 SEOKJIN_BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. by MaewenMitzuki SEOKJIN_BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS. :iconmaewenmitzuki:MaewenMitzuki 362 60 doodle toy freddy by gatanii69 doodle toy freddy :icongatanii69:gatanii69 1,331 39 Stuck in the closet by kawacy Stuck in the closet :iconkawacy:kawacy 6,787 272 Derp by kawacy Derp :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,278 454
Love is Harder: Chap 1
Sasori sighed in his bed. He tossed and turned, throwing the sheets from his sweat-slicked body in a haste to cool himself. He couldn't keep his mind off that girl. That girl!
She raced through his brain, occupying every inch of his head.
Her eyes sparkled like emeralds in the sun. Her lips tantalized him to the edge of his morals. Her rosy locks forever had that windswept look that most girls would kill for.
In his eyes, she was perfect. Perfect in every way, and he was head over heels for her. There was only one problem...
She was his younger sister.
Akasuna Sasori was in love with his younger sister.
He knew it was wrong. Oh yes, he knew it was wrong in every way possible. But if love was such a wonderful thing, how could it be so wrong?
His heart ached for her. It beat for her. His heart was all for her.
But why has god prevented it from being?
He jumped as his alarm went off. He glanced at his clock. Six A.M. already. He hadn't gotten a wink of sleep.
Sasori swung hi
:iconchinadollmaiden:ChinaDollMaiden 13 2
What Could Have Been... by Sapphiresenthiss What Could Have Been... :iconsapphiresenthiss:Sapphiresenthiss 257 156 0101793 by usae 0101793 :iconusae:usae 92 15 Defender of Justice by zenzyx Defender of Justice :iconzenzyx:zenzyx 248 17 Saeyoung x Saeran by Hiikariee Saeyoung x Saeran :iconhiikariee:Hiikariee 225 32 Cedric the Jester by OctiOli Cedric the Jester :iconoctioli:OctiOli 20 3 What lovely bangs you have! by OctiOli What lovely bangs you have! :iconoctioli:OctiOli 31 10 Smol and Tol by OctiOli Smol and Tol :iconoctioli:OctiOli 40 4


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I am currently having an artist block T_T so sad #sadlife
Digital Art of Deidara
Hahaha epic fail though, its kinda hard because of the lines, but I hope that you like it.....let me know in the comment section or leave a star if like pls.
How I drew in digital art
It sucks, I officially decided so.
I guess I am only better when its sketching/drawing lol


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